"There are meetings that arise by chance and change your life. It was 2001 when someone asked me to take over the equipment of an old pastry laboratory that would be closed.
I went to see and I have been immediately fascinated.
It was like watching a black and white movie of 50s. Antique floors, wooden ceilings, historic machinery, many small details coming from almost 60 years before.
There was all the flavor of a magical atmosphere, a familial disorder full of love and passion.
I remember thinking to my children. They should have the oportunity to breathe the authenticity of an Italian bakery of yesteryear. That faded picture deserved to shine again."

"And that's how I bought all the most meaningful equipment of that laboratory. I began to think about the project and called a friend of mine, an architect, to draw the first drafts.
The idea was simple: recreate a unique atmosphere, a functional space with décor inspired by the '50s, the production area would be shown to clients and manuality of product preparation should be the protagonist of the space so as to involve the customer in all steps of creation of every product.
And the desserts? Well, I owned an historic bakery in Busto Arsizio with techniques and recipes handed down from generation to generation since 1887. The authenticity of products was already part of my business and my life.
The project missed only one thing: the name. Bakery, Café, Shop? Among the many definitions, everything brought us back to the term "Bottega", but here we wanted to mess up the cards. We removed the double "t" and we added the two most important ingredients of this new adventure.
On December 17th of 2002 we served the first customer of Botega Caffè Cacao in Busto Arsizio."

"Care and attention to details, naturalness, Italian craftsmanship. Since that day and the years after we are looking customers to understand their feelings. It is a look of wonder, of who truly feels at home.
In 2005, a friend was so impressed by the project that I've decided to make "his" Botega, Vergiate. It's the second store and the beginning of a format that will take its first steps in 2008, when the brand grow up from the province of Varese and extend itself in Milan, Novara and in many other Italian cities.
We are getting big with a franchising that preserves the purity of the product, the originality of every detail, the personality of each shop, to enjoy wherever of "Tutta la bontà di una volta".
Today, the Botega Caffè Cacao customer can feel every day the same emotions as when I walked into that old pastry laboratory. Tradition is continuing evolving."

Enzo Memelli


Working with Botega

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21052 Busto Arsizio (VA)
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