The cafeteria

It is easy to just say coffee. But what exactly do you fancy today?
Castagnino's sweet marron glacés or Aromatizzato's rich fragrance? The sumptuous cream of milk of our Cappuccione or Ciocopito's fortified flavour.  
Be inspired by our specialities, there is something to suit everybody’s taste!


  • Castagnino

    Castagnino's sweet marron glacés or Aromatizzato's rich fragrance? The sumptuous cream of milk of our Cappuccione or Ciocopito's fortified flavour.

  • Ciocopito

    An orange-flavoured chocolate liqueur served in delicious cups of dark chocolate.

  • Suasantità

    Milk, cream and delicately-flavoured coffee combine to create a divine cream!

  • Coffee

    Botega coffee: the finest selection of the highest quality mixes served in little cups.

  • Aromatizzato

    An exclusive blend of coffee flavoured with hazelnut, amaretto, pistachio, chocolate, crème caramel or almond.

  • Cappuccione

    For real cappuccino lovers, thick cream of milk mixed with an excellent coffee to really wake you up!

  • Pulentino

    Creamy dessert to drink. Cream praline and gianduja chocolate.

  • Herbal teas

    Fruity or aromatic herbal teas based on original Botega recipes to be enjoyed either hot or iced.

  • Hot chocolate with cream

    Do you want to be left speechless? Botega's own exclusive hot chocolate with fresh whipped cream, once you've tasted it you will never be able to do without it!



Botega is always the right place for either a short coffee break or a longer moment of intense pleasure.
Enjoy one of our cakes and pastries with your  Pulentino or Cappuccione: sweet smelling and fragrant delicacies that are always fresh, prepared in our kitchen-laboratories in the most authentic way to put a smile on your face through their delicious flavour.


  • Sachertorte

    The chocolate cake with apricot in the middle

  • Cheesecake

    The most traditional American cake specially adapted for Botega’s highly refined palates.
    A basket of puff pastry contains a cream cheese covered with an authentic Botega fruit topping.

  • Biscotto Giro

    Vanilla and cocoa flavoured short crust pastry come together in a gentle swirl.

  • Rustica

    Soft, authentic and tasty. The best-loved cake ever could not be missing amidst all these wholesome flavours from times gone by.

  • Brioches

    The smell of brioches just out of the oven is the first ingredient for starting off a good day.

  • Bella Elena

    A tasty combination of pears and gianduja chocolate cream create the delicious Bella Elena Botega.

  • Baci di dama

    A cascade of hazelnuts and pure dark chocolate for a delicious tasty morsel.

  • Cestino di frutta fresca

    Soft short crust pastry, fabulous custard and a cascade of fresh fruit prepared each day by Botega’s staff. A joy for the eyes and the palate.

  • Frollina

    Fragrant short crust pastry and authentic Botega jams envelop each other in a flavoursome embrace from yesteryear.


Il salato

Attractive combinations characterize the proposal created in collaboration with chef Simone Zambon! The best raw materials are the basic ingredients of your lunch break and your brunch.


  • Toast aperto

    Whole grain bread, stracciatella, smoked swordfish, salad, cherry tomatoes and mayonnaise.

  • Pane e salmone

    Pan brioche, smoked salmon, goat cheese, grilled zucchini and lemon peel.

  • Club Sandwich

    White bread, lettuce, tomato, boiled egg, turkey, crispy bacon and mayonnaise.

  • Pane e mortadella

    PanSciatt, mortadella with pistachios, dried tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and rocket.

  • Risotto

    Risotto with pumpkin creamed with Parmesan cheese and pistachios.

  • Tartare di manzo

    Piedmontese beef tartare, stracciatella, mixed salad, caper flower, reduction of balsamic vinegar, EVO oil and salt.



Working with Botega

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