Intervista a Klizia


“Never go back, not even to take a running up”, that’s the representative sentence of each person of the group! We started this big adventure, opening Botega, together without knowing each other and where every day is different from another, we keep learning things, and sometimes we make a mistake, but we start over right from there.

Why should you choose our Botega? Because everyone here is welcome and greet with a smile! We work every day trying to satisfy everyone and we do it very well, with our care and our continue research for quality products! Our costumers feel fondled, and they keep coming back because here everything is possible.

I choose Botega because before being a job is a passion. Botega opened my eyes to an extraordinary world and I’ve fell in love with it! Nothing is left to chance, everything is planned to the last details… Botega it’s like an extended family that works as a great team, everyone has his own task that carry out with passion. We have a common goal: better ourselves and grow up together.


Working with Botega

C&C srl - Viale Duca D'Aosta, 16
21052 Busto Arsizio (VA)
P.I. 02997180126


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